I wanted to share with you one of my favorite new DIY projects for your art studio.  I learned about this from another student (Joan Hunter Miller) in a wonderful online class I took (Dreama Tolle Perry/dreamlovepaint.com) and knew it would be just perfect for me.  Painting on small Ampersand Gessobord is awesome.  I just love them with the perfect balance between smoothness and tooth.  However, the small ones can be quite challenging to keep them stable on the easel and be able to easily paint the parts of the panel covered by the top and bottom of the easel.  The solution is cheap and an easy project that be done in just a couple of minutes.

The supplies needed are as follows:

  1.  A piece of MDF or masonite board.  Mine is approximately 1/8″ thick and cut to 14″ x 18″.  It was a piece I had laying around, your size may differ.
  2.  An old wooden yardstick or some 1/4″ thick wood trim pieces, 1/2″ thick if making one for canvas.  For me the yardstick was less than 1/2 the price of the wood trim (under $1)  and I try to save money wherever I can so that I can buy more paint!
  3.  (4) 1″ clamps (similar to these)  from my local home improvement store (mine were on sale for about $3.00)
  4.  A jigsaw or hand saw.  I am sure your neighbor or relative has one if you don’t
  5.  Some flower models for your next painting wouldn’t hurt.  Everyone needs inspiration to get to our easels.

Easel Step 1

Using your saw cut two pieces of yardstick or wood trim to the width of your MDF.

Easel Step 2

Clamp on each side after you adjust it to clamp on either side of the gessobord.  You are done and ready to paint!

Easel Step 3

Use the 1/2″ trim pieces (like the photo at the top of this post)  if you want to use this for small canvases.  It gives a little more stability to the thickness of the canvas.

Now those daisies are calling me.  I must get to the easel while they are still standing up and smiling!