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Day 2 in 30

So, today is Day Two in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge and I wanted to talk about pushing the boundaries in my art.  I have spent many years learning so many rules of painting, color and composition.  What I found was happening was I was not finding the joy of painting anymore.  I was so caught up in being afraid of breaking someone’s “rule” that it was suffocating.  This year I have spent tons of time soul searching, journaling and “doodling” (aka sketching) to find what makes me happy again.  I have figured out that color makes me happy!  Color is what makes me want to pick up the brush each day.  So, rules aside, I will paint with color!  I am finally becoming comfortable in pushing some of the boundaries and restraints I felt because that is not “what you see”.  I am now trying to paint “what I WANT to see” and am having so much joy and fun doing it.  I hope that all of you are able to find something you enjoy doing and doing the way you enjoy doing it, after all life is short!