I am finally caught up.  Brand new website and some brand new paintings!
This is the fourth website I have built and each one gets a smidgen easier.  I wish it were tons easier, but that is not the case.  It does make sense since each of the four have been built using different programs!  Hopefully, this one will grow with me and provide me with years of service!  I think that I will now treat myself to a hot chocolate and a cookie.  Shhh, don’t tell anybody about all the cookies that were necessary during the building  of it, but I promise this is the first hot chocolate! Since this is the first test drive of the new website, I beg of you to be my friend and drop me an email if you see any hiccups that I have missed.  I had my helpers, Rocky and Sabrina, take a look, but with paws instead of hands, they are not as detail oriented as I would hope.
And as you can tell, such a small job and they are done for the day!