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Day 8 of 30 Day Challenge

First item on the agenda is my Day 8 painting.  I am loving these small paintings this month as my home life has been busy and this allows me the time to still sling a brush.

Now to the apps (I use Android) I used to create this slideshow:

After taking the photos and making sure they were all on my phone I took the photos that required text into an App called Font Studio.  There I added my type on top of the photos.  There are many choices of fonts, colors, etc.  Save those photos.  Then I open an App called Slideshow Maker, create a slideshow from the gallery, select the photos in the order I want them to appear and voila…a slideshow is born.  There are many edit choices in this app such as length, music, what type of fade sequences you want, but is very intuitive and fast!

Happy slideshow making, whether it is of your art or of your family, they are fun to make.